Q1:      Who can join Arsenal Singapore Club (ASC)?

A:         Any individual interested in supporting Arsenal Football Club and furthering the objectives of Arsenal Singapore Club.

Q2:      How do I join?

A:         Hand in a completed membership form before any live televised game at Molly Roffey’s Irish Pub at Bras Basah and pay the fee to the club treasurer. IMPORTANT: We only accept new sign-ups IN PERSON, so you will need to come down to the club. We usually start accepting new sign-ups one hour before kick-off on match nights.

Q3:      What does it cost?

A:         The current membership fees are S$50 for new members over 18 ($20 one-time sign-up fee + $30 per Premiership season), and $35 for new members under 18 ($20 one-time sign-up fee + $15 per Premiership season). Membership runs for one year, from 1 Aug to 31 July. Renewal of memberships are available till 30 Sept. All signups end on 30 Nov.

The membership fees are the same throughout the year, i.e. there are no discounts for joining after the season has started.

Q4:      What types of membership are there?

A:         There are three basic types of membership.

1) Associate member

All new members become ‘associate members’ of the club. An associate member can participate in meetings and club events, join discussions and provide feedback on club activities.

2) Ordinary member

There are 30 ‘ordinary members’ of the club. An ordinary member can participate in meetings and club events, vote at AGMs and EGMs, stand for office to the executive committee, join discussions and influence the decision making process of club activities.

3) Committee member

There are 10 committee members, who are also ordinary members and are responsible for running the club. The committee is formed each year by an election at an AGM.

Q5:      What are the benefits?

A:         All members receive:

A membership card.

A Polo shirt with the official Arsenal Singapore logo.

10% Discount on food and beverages at all Molly Roffey’s outlets.

Offers from Arsenal Singapore and our partners.

Eligibility to apply for match tickets (one ticket per match) at the Emirates Stadium.

Invitations to take part in activities organised by the club.

Q6:      What documents do I need to submit to join?

A:         For Associate Membership:

  •   “Arsenal Singapore Club Application Form”

For Ordinary Membership:

  • “Upgrade Membership Application Form” (by the applicant)
  • “Membership Check List” (by a sponsor)

Q7:      When will I receive my Membership approval?

A:         All applicants are treated as “pre-approved” upon making full payment of membership dues and submission of application form.

Q8:      When can I collect my membership card and shirt?

A:         Barring unforeseen circumstances new members will be able to collect his/her membership card and shirt within 2 – 3 weeks of application.

Q9:      When do I have to renew my membership?

A:         Membership runs from 1 Aug to 31 July each year. Memberships must be renewed before 30 Sept to be considered as continuous. Any renewals after 30 Sept will be treated as new applications and will be subject to the sign-up fee in addition to the yearly fee.

Q10:    What should I do if I lose or damage my membership card?

A:         Members should report the loss of their card to Arsenal SG by email to enquiry@arsenalsingapore.com. A replacement card will be issued at a fee of S$10.

Q11:    What happens if I discontinue my membership? Do I get a refund?

A:         No – there are no refunds.

Q12:    How can I become an ordinary member?

A:         If there is a vacancy among the 30 ordinary member positions, existing associate members can apply to change their status. The member should submit the documents detailed in Q6 to a committee member.

Q13:    Who can be a sponsor and what does a sponsor have to do?

A:         Any existing ordinary member can sponsor an associate member to become an ordinary member. The sponsor must submit the “Ordinary Member Sponsor Check List”.

Q14:    Who makes the decision whether to accept a membership application and how?

A:         The committee will discuss the application and make decisions on a case-by-case basis.

Q15:    Who are the existing ordinary and committee members?

A:         The ordinary members are the founding members of Arsenal SG. The committee consists of ordinary members. The committee is responsible for general operating policies, procedures, guidelines, and other related matters affecting the ASC as a whole. Any changes to the status of Executive Board and its committee member need to be submitted to ROSES.


President and Events : Eric Ong
Vice President : Tiong Jin Yan
Secretary : Alvin New
Treasurer : Umarani Jayapal
Vice-Secretary & Merchandise : Zac Leong
Vice-Treasurer : Connie Lee
Social Media : Peter Woon
Community Events : Shaiful Rahman
Tickets : Dhanesh Jagwani
Web Admin : Steve Tan

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